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CD version of the well recieved debut album, comes with the 'Mudslinger' EP as bonus on top!


After the initial release of Modder’s self-titled debut album on vinyl, Consouling Sounds joined forces once again with Lay Bare Recordings to present you the CD release! The CD version also contains the ‘Mudslinger’ EP, which was only released on digital format until now.


Modder draws the listener into a riff worshipping sermon guided by sludgy guitars, low-end bass lines and captivating drums, topped off with perfectly embedded synths. No gimmicks, no tricks, no compromises, Modder has the sole purpose of cracking your neck until there’s no bone marrow left between your vertebrae.


Modder started out as a passion project between guitarist, songwriter & producer Mathlovsky and his long time companion Gregory Simons on drums. After recording and releasing their massive first single ‘Mudslinger’ (November 2020) wich is an impressive 21 minute long riff fest, combining influences ranging from Sleep to Meshuggah, bass player Maurice van der Es joined the duo to expand the sonic mayhem.




  1. Mount Frequency

  2. Wax Rituals

  3. Spasm

  4. When Your Bones weren’t Meant To Be

  5. Mudslinger

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