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31 aug

Date: augustus 31, 2019

LIMITED: Seedy Jeezus with Tony Reed, Live Recorded in Liege. 100 copies only for Europe; No Repress on the horizon.

It is with a heavy heart that this post is written.

Due to unforeseen circumstances Seedy Jeezus tour has been cancelled.

The band was already heading for Europe to tour when Lex got a phonecall. Tony Reed had to inform us his father just passed away. The news was devastating ... but in moments like this family come first and so the decision was made.

European sales will be available via our label here at Lay Bare Recordings.

18 aug

Date: augustus 18, 2019


Finally the long awaited pre-order Frayle 7” inch box- packages are ready to go out!

Thank you for the patience, understanding and support that was given to me. 

Never had such a challenge with customs. But finally; the pre-order badge is ready to go! 

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