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21 May

Date: May 21, 2018

DELUXE EDITION (European batch 10 copies only) from Seedy Jeezus -‘POLARIS OBLIQUE’ SOLD OUT

The DELUXE Version for Europe, was very limited. Only 10 copies, exclusive at Lay Bare Recordings. It's SOLD OUT. But if you are interested check: or for USA: 

Or lay your hands on the standard edition, limited to 90 in Europe : Gatefold | Metallic Foil Artwork | 150 gr. vinyl| Colored Version 

21 May

Date: May 21, 2018


PLEASE PM me if you still want a COLOURED standard version from Seedy Jeezus 'Polaris Oblique'. While going online with the pre-order for the upcoming Seedy Jeezus album ‘Polaris Oblique’ the response was so massive, alas a lot of people got an error. Some people got lucky and could order either a standard or deluxe version. It saddens and frustrates that this continues to happen. We are trying to upgrade the server to not experience these problems but yet again the sheer amount of people all at once is overwhelming and inevitably brings down the server at the seedy jeezes pre-order page at our site. Its worth to refresh the page and keep trying. Or log in later today. This is incredibly frustrating but there is little we can do. It is very important to us that everyone who supports us looks forward to enjoy pre-order so we will continue to do our best to find solutions and improve the server and site conditions. Deluxe version is SOLD OUT but you can PM for the COLOURED standard version. Kind Regards, Désirée Lay Bare Recordings


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