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17 mei

Date: mei 17, 2019

To make all this beauty.. It takes time..

One year ago.. I Let “The White Witch” In.. 

I got hooked on Gwyn Strang hauntingly mesmerising voice. Frayle is DOOM like a journey of foreboding heaviness and gloomy despair. 

Now a year later after releasing this EP, we are working on a limited 7” custom “alchemy box” and an LP. To make all this beauty, it takes time and must not, under any circumstances, be rushed. 

So there is a little delay on the 7” box with we’ll update soon on the pre-orders. We are sorry but we assure you its worth to wait! 

- Aqualamb & Lay Bare Recordings

12 mei

Date: mei 12, 2019


Another great record from Lay Bare's roster is SOLD OUT!

We are talking about: Bismut - Schwerpunkt. The heavy psychedelic rock jam album from three piece Bismut became very good reviews. Also their live club tours got positive response. And since their very powerful performance at Sonic Whip festival (May 4th) the popularity for the album got big. So big that the album is SOLD OUT at Lay Bare's end. If you want to lay your hands on it, visit one of their live gigs or jump over to the band's website:


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