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20 nov

Date: november 20, 2023

Italy's kariti signs to Lay Bare Recordings to release new album Dheghom. It'll be out in February 2nd, 2024. 

Hearing the voice of ekaterina from карити (kariti) made an instant connection with my heart and my skin. It was hard not to engage with her captivating blend of powerful vocals, engaging melodies, and evocative poems. kariti’s mix of intimate, atmosferic mournful ‘ambient folk songs with crisp sounding instruments and eerie harmonies creates a unique and emotional experience.

The impact of kariti’s voice is evident, draws you as a listener into it and makes it easy to connect with the depth of her music and words. kariti's resonant vocal tone adds a distinctive and profound quality to her music. It's fascinating how a singer's voice can shape the emotional experience of a song.

Lay Bare Recordings is beyond thrilled to welcome kariti to the label and to collaborate on releasing her upcoming album Dheghom on 2.2.24. Incredibly exciting to walk the path of this rich and diverse musical experience together.

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17 nov

Date: november 17, 2023

Modder - The Great Liberation Through Hearing

After suffering significant personal losses across the board during the past two and a half years, Modder, among other sources, looked towards ‘The Bardo Thodol’ (The Tibetan Book of the Dead) for inspiration and as one of the guides to complete the work that has resulted into the on November 17th to be released record ‘The Great Liberation Through Hearing’.

LP: €23 - CD: €15 - LP + CD: €35

Available on Mitsubishi colored vinyl, black vinyl, CD and digital formats

In co-release with top notch label Consouling Sounds (Belgium)

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