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13 Sep

Date: September 13, 2017

RECORD OF THE WEEK: Some love for HELA - 'Death May Die' from LA HABITATIÓN 235

Ruben Herrara from LaHabitación 235 tells us that it was worth to wait 4 years for this new album from HELA. He mentions that the addition of Mireia Porto to the band contributes to a new charisma. Just click on the link to read more and convince yourself this album needs to spin on your recordplayer!

07 Sep

Date: September 07, 2017

STARTED PRE-ORDER: HELA - 'DEATH MAY DIE'. Release is scheduled for the end of October 2017!


For years, I've been raving about the Spanish quartet HELA and today Doomed & Stoned is proud to debut their second LP, 'Death May Die' ...(2017 - Lay Bare Recordings). The record is dense with emotion, but extremely accessible to the first-time listener. Charting a course for revenge, a woman turns her enemies into hell-fodder in this captivating story, told over the course of six powerful tracks. Give ear....

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