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20 nov

Date: november 20, 2023

Italy's kariti signs to Lay Bare Recordings to release new album Dheghom. It'll be out in February 2nd, 2024. 

Hearing the voice of ekaterina from карити (kariti) made an instant connection with my heart and my skin. It was hard not to engage with her captivating blend of powerful vocals, engaging melodies, and evocative poems. kariti’s mix of intimate, atmosferic mournful ‘ambient folk songs with crisp sounding instruments and eerie harmonies creates a unique and emotional experience.

The impact of kariti’s voice is evident, draws you as a listener into it and makes it easy to connect with the depth of her music and words. kariti's resonant vocal tone adds a distinctive and profound quality to her music. It's fascinating how a singer's voice can shape the emotional experience of a song.

Lay Bare Recordings is beyond thrilled to welcome kariti to the label and to collaborate on releasing her upcoming album Dheghom on 2.2.24. Incredibly exciting to walk the path of this rich and diverse musical experience together.

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17 nov

Date: november 17, 2023

Modder - The Great Liberation Through Hearing

After suffering significant personal losses across the board during the past two and a half years, Modder, among other sources, looked towards ‘The Bardo Thodol’ (The Tibetan Book of the Dead) for inspiration and as one of the guides to complete the work that has resulted into the on November 17th to be released record ‘The Great Liberation Through Hearing’.

LP: €23 - CD: €15 - LP + CD: €35

Available on Mitsubishi colored vinyl, black vinyl, CD and digital formats

In co-release with top notch label Consouling Sounds (Belgium)

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16 okt

Date: oktober 16, 2023

Pre-order for the new MODDER Album 'The Great Liberation Through Hearing' starts Wednesday 18th October

On November 17th there will be a NEW MODDER Album upon us! The album is named 'The Great Liberation Through Hearing' and is once again a collaboration between the mighty Consouling Sounds Label (Belgium) and Lay Bare Recordings (Netherlands). 

So its time to grit your teeth with the PRE-ORDER and check out their new single "Doom Denker" that drops at October 18th.  

'The Great Liberation Through Hearing' comes in heavy weight vinyl, in two editions. 300x "Mitsubishi" 180gr. colored vinyl and 200x 180gr. black vinyl.

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15 sep

Date: september 15, 2023

Pre-Order the new album 'Ausdauer' from the Dutch Progressive Heavy Psych band BISMUT

Progressive Heavy Psych: For Fans Of: Rotor / Karma to Burn / Mastodon / Kanaan / Electric Moon / Slift.

'Ausdauer' is limited to 500cps heavy weight vinyl divided in 300x black | 200x yellow

Hailing from the city of Nijmegen in the Netherlands, BISMUT is a dynamic heavy psych trio that has been carving their unique path since forming in 2016. Drawing influences from an eclectic blend of genres including progressive rock, doom, metal, stoner, heavy psych, and classic hard rock, their music is an intense and mesmerizing fusion that transcends traditional boundaries. Their distinctive sound has earned them a dedicated fanbase, and their performances on stages across Europe have solidified their reputation as a force to be reckoned with.

New album Ausdauer marks the triumphant return of the band, following the success of their sold-out (on vinyl) previous releases, Schwerpunkt in 2018, and Retrocausality in 2020, released via Lay Bare Recordings. This album promises to be a sonic journey that delves even deeper into the band's diverse influences while pushing their sound to new heights. From thunderous, doom-laden riffs to mind-bending psychedelic explorations, the album seamlessly weaves together a tapestry of textures that will resonate with long-time fans and newcomers alike.

Ausdauer is a joint effort between the band's current Dutch label Lay Bare Recordings and the Spanish label Spinda Records. This collaboration brings together a diverse range of expertise, amplifying the album's potential for international recognition and success. The partnership aims to introduce the band's electrifying sound to a wider global audience, leveraging the strengths of both labels in their respective regions.

Drums - Peter Dragt Bass - Huibert der Weduwen Guitar - Nik Linders

08 sep

Date: september 08, 2023

New album from Blackened doom-metal trio GHOROT in pre-order September 8th!

Ghorot is a blackened doom-metal trio formed in Boise, ID in 2019 by Carson Russell (Ealdor Bealu), Brandon Walker(ex-Ghost Tours), and Chad Remains (ex-Uzala). The band's first full-length album Loss of Light was released in 2021 on Transylvanian Recordings(Oakland, CA) and Inverse Records(Jyväskylä, Finland), and received massive international acclaim.


WOUND, the highly-anticipated sophomore full-length album from Ghorot, is slated to be released in October 2023 on Lay Bare Recordings(Nijmegen, Netherlands) and King of the Monsters(Phoenix, AZ). The album is a brutal step further into the nightmarish realm of Ghorot, recorded, mixed, and mastered by legendary engineer and drummer Andy Patterson(Subrosa, Ascend, The Otolith). Over the past 3 years, Ghorot has shared the stage with world-class bands including YOB, Monolord, Exhumed, Khemmis, Witch Mountain, Eagle Twin, and many more. With 2 headlining Western US tours in 2021 and 2022, and multiple festival appearances at Treefort Music Fest(’21-’22) and Crucial Fest(’21-’22), Ghorot are ready to set out on a path of destruction to crush skulls across the globe with their arsenal of sludged out, blackened, and defiled Ghorot n' Roll blasphemies!!


Limited to 300 copies all heavy weight: Galaxy black gold | Gold w/ black splatter | Black (EU & USA)

Tape via Transylvanian Recordings (USA)


29 aug

Date: augustus 29, 2023

IN PRE ORDER SISTER MAY: Belgium's Progressive Industrial Rock at it's finest!

FOR FANS OF A Perfect Circle – Puscifer – Nine Inch Nails

Sister May, is a Progressive Industrial 5 piece hailing from Belgium (2017) and features the trademarks of the 80s and 90s industrial scene. Their new album will be released on vinyl by Lay Bare Recordings in September 2023.

Expect a mix of provocative sounds, alternative rhythms, mechanical noise with modern production. Industrial Punk with edgy and real sounds. Live on stage Sister May knows how to build up intensity and dare to tangle the listeners minds with noise tinged ambient realms and infectious hook ups. 

The Preproduction of this debut album is from Matt mc Junkins (a Perfect Cirlce, Puscifer) and Filip De Bot (Penthouse Studio).

24 aug

Date: augustus 24, 2023


As follow up of the album High Protein (2020) Rrrags comes up with a new album. A double album that is! 

After the success of High Protein RRRAGS took the time to follow up on their inner thoughts and sentiments hence they steered into a more dark psych direction. They took the time to experiment with just about all of their personal influences, resulting in a pretty versatile double album called Mundi. What stands out most about this album is the diversity of influences: Wiped is pure fuzzed-up Hendrix; Heart Of The Hive is uptempo garage rock and turns into stoner/doom; Light Up The Room is Stooges on downers; Slavic Heat is Celtic Frost in space; Final Word is lush psych pop in the Ty Segall vein; Walkers and It Feeds each have a motorik/space instrumental section that runs somewhere between Neu! and Hawkwind; Ararat and Galactic Strut are pure stoner/space jams.

MUNDI is heavier and spacier than RRRAGS previous work, while still familiar influences can be heard.

‘Heavy Psych Rock’ for fans of King Gizz & Ty Segall

LIMITED TO 250x Heavy weight black vinyl in gatefold

27 jul

Date: juli 27, 2023

#10yearsLBR: Hi dear fan of the label and vinyl lover!

It's been a while since I wrote to you and I know you deserve a better communication than I sometimes can manage. But finally I can give you an update with the latest news from the Home of Lay Bare.

The biggest news is that, 27th of July 2013 marks the day that the very first Lay Bare Recordings release became reality. I remember very vividly the moment of hand-numbering #001 on Mos Generator’s album ‘Live in Concert’. And now I find myself working on the 52nd release and still truly humbled to be able to release such great music from bands all over the world.

THIS can only happen by the support of you, the music aficionados, music fans from everywhere.

To honor your support over the past 10 years, Lay Bare Recordings has some unique offers for you!

A Killer Classics Sale for €15,-, €10 or less! Treasures from the Vault and Relics from the Past. A celebration offer especially for you, vinyl lover, for a limited time. 

And as the party goes on Lay Bare is thrilled to launch the pre-orders for Mojo & the Kitchen Brothers EP Flaming Tiger Lizard and debut full length Mojo’s heavy cream.


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27 jul

Date: juli 27, 2023

#10yearsLBR: Let's celebrate with a killer classics sale plus a nice package deal for Mojo & The Kitchen Brothers

Lay Bare is thrilled to launch the pre-orders for Mojo & the Kitchen Brothers EP Flaming Tiger Lizard and debut full length Mojo’s heavy cream.


Mojo & the Kitchen Brothers is a 5-headed omnium gatherum of eclectically inspired music freaks from Belgium cooking up a late 60’s early 70’s mix of heavy progrock soaked in psychedelia. Catchy tunes, proggy riffs, deafening drums, roaring basslines and spacy, triple-guitar jams take you on a journey through the limbo between past and present. -The Mars Volta meet Electric Wizard.


CHECK OUT an exclusive pre-order of Mojo & the Kitchen Brothers’ debut on vinyl and don’t miss the special killer classics celebration offer!

As for our 10th Anniversary you can pre-order from July 27th their EP, LP or both albums together in a super nice priced package! So immerse yourself in this fascinating experience of the sound of these very vibrant Belgian Indie band.


25 jul

Date: juli 25, 2023

Hey Y’all, RRRAGS is back at it!

Hey Y’all, RRRAGS is back at it. And they’re bringing lots of new music with us!

Stay following to keep all upcoming news on your radar. The new album is called MUNDI and will be released on September 16th at Groene Engel in Oss. Mundi comes in 250x heavy weight black 2LP

Pre-order will follow soon!


RRRAGS is a Heavy Psych Power Trio from Belgium and The Netherlands and they really pushed their sound on this one. Expect heavy psychedelic spaced out tunes on a double album! 

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