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19 jun

Date: juni 19, 2024

Tranquonauts 2 sold out in a sec!

Exactly at 10:00 cet the pre-order of the very limited Red Debris colored Tranquonauts 2 started. And exactly 3 hours later they were all gone. 


DIY Labels can't exist with this love and support!

Yours truly,

Désirée x | Lay Bare Recordings

18 jun

Date: juni 18, 2024

TRANQUONAUTS releases their sophomore album Tranquonauts 2


PRE-ORDER Wednesday June 19, 10:00 CET,

Released in Australia on Blown Music in a delexe version, and in Europe on Lay Bare Recordings - red debris vinyl, limited to 50 copies w/ - insert and DIGITAL DOWNLOAD (full album plus 7” tracks). 


The band Tranquonauts is a collaboration band that involves the creative input of the members of Seedy Jeezus- Lex Waterreus, Paul Crick and Mark Sibson Isaiah Mitchell of Earthless and Tony Reed of Mos Generator.

After the release of the Tranquonauts debut album in 2016, which was spawn from from conversation between members of Seedy Jeezus and Isaiah Mitchell, we are on the precipice of the second instalment in the journey that is the Tranquonauts, which this time includes Tony Reed.


The was long talks into the night about what to call the album, it was decided to call the second album “ Tranquonauts 2”.  They had the title and they just needed the album. This took longer than expected.

In 2022, Isaiah Mitchell was finishing up a two year tour as a guitarist for The Black Crowes. This tour ended in Melbourne, Australia.So the chance was there to record the second album (T2) after the Black Crowes tour. 

Seedy Jeezus booked a studio in Melbourne and the following day they met up and locked themselves in the studio and jammed for hours…. Recording random thoughts ideas and just playing where the music went, with no expectations, except to have a blast and enjoy themselves.    

Fast forward to late 2023, while Lex was in New York, he cut together from all of the recordings, an outline of what the second album would sound like.  With so much material at hand, Lex also pulled out 2 songs to be added on a 7” in the deluxe version. Then it was sent to Tony Reed to mix and master. At this time, Tony was also invited to contribute to the album, which he did. Playing various instruments and adding vocals etc..     

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29 mei

Date: mei 29, 2024

*** LATEST UPDATE *** LAY BARE RECORDINGS is elated to announce the signing of the German doomgaze postmetal band COLTAINE!

The debut album, ‘Forgotten Ways' will be released on Friday, September 6th, 2024, via Lay Bare Recordings

In a long-gone world where life has faded, "Forgotten Ways" leads through landscapes of desolation. It is a hopeful search for light and a new existence in a decaying reality that knows neither beginning nor end.

Welcome to the Lay Bare Family, Coltaine!

Tourdates will be announced shortly.

Produced by Coltaine. Mixed and Masterd by Jan Oberg, Hidden Planet Studio. Album cover; Photo: Jonas Berg Fotografie 

#coltaine #postmetal #doomgaze

30 apr

Date: april 30, 2024



Last chance for FRAYLE on Lay Bare! Get the Epic Doom Trinity at a farewell price.


Dear beloved LBR supporters,

At Lay Bare Recordings, our wonderful artists are like family to us. 
We nurture them, guide them, and share countless laughs, tears and growth experiences together. Bonds are formed and friendships made through our releases, tours and unforgettable shows like Damnation Festival, Desertfest Belgium and Soulcrusher.

We welcomed Cleveland’s doomsters Frayle in 2018. It’s been an honour and a pleasure to release their incredible music: the heavy witch doom debut 'The White Witch EP’ (and single ‘Dead Inside’), the rawly haunting ’Skin & Sorrow’, and historically-charged ‘1692’. With a mix of emotions like a child leaving home, we bid Frayle farewell as they embark on a new journey with Napalm Records.

To celebrate this incredible musical collaboration, we've collected all three of Frayle’s releases with Lay Bare into a special 3LP Bundle. This exclusive collection is available for a limited-time farewell price!

Don’t miss this opportunity to own a piece of Lay Bare Recordings history.

23 apr

Date: april 23, 2024


Completely thrilled to tell you we - @laybarerecordings are over the moon to welcome @lowen_band to the Lay Bare family for the release of their incredible new album 'Do Not Go To War With The Demons Of Mazandaran' which will be released on 4th October 2024 in collaboration with @churchroadrecords

The first single is 'Najang Bah Divhayeh Mazandaran' is out Friday 3rd May 2024.
Absolutely prepare to be blown away!

In the meantime @Lowen are on tour in April/May as special guests of @greenlungband on their UK shows.

May 3rd we will be releasing a single from the upcoming album entitled “Najang Bah Divhayeh Mazandaran”.

We can’t wait to share this with you.

Photo by Andy Ford 

#musicunitespeople #lowen #lowenband #churchroadrecords #laybarerecordings #pridemanagement #bandsigning


06 mrt

Date: maart 06, 2024

Galloway Studio and Lay Bare Recordings present their first release: Kintsugi Empire - 'Shun', a collaboration release under the moniker of Sound of Niche

The concept of Sound of Niche is the brainchild of Sebastiaan van Bijlevelt of Galloway Studio and Désirée Hanssen of the Dutch boutique Record Label Lay Bare Recordings. 

Sound of Niche (SoN) is based on a unique collaboration platform, which offers different artists from different creative fields the opportunity to collaborate and present their work. It is a promising initiative that promotes collaboration and expands the reach of artists to a broader audience.

Together with multi-instrumentalist and the driving force behind Kintsugi Empire, Pieter Holkenborg, the Dutch film & photographer Maaike Ronhaar and graphic designer and visual artist Jop Luberti, we have created a vinyl record that is enriched with authentic Obi design and striking analogue photos that refer to each song.


SHUN will be shipped around April 30th.

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12 feb

Date: februari 12, 2024

Iron Jinn Unveils Mesmerizing Video and Track from Upcoming Live At Roadburn Double Album and Announces Vinyl Pre-order

Experimental psychedelic rock sensation Iron Jinn, hailing from Amsterdam, is set to captivate the music world with the release of the first video and track Lick It Or Kick It from their highly anticipated live album. Recorded during their spellbinding performance at the renowned Roadburn Festival in 2023, the album promises to be a musical journey, showcasing the band's unique blend of psychedelic rock and experimental sounds.


Iron Jinn comprises the exceptional talents of Oeds Beydals (The Devil’s Blood, Death Alley), Wout Kemkens (Shaking Godspeed, De Niemanders), Bob Hogenelst (Birth of Joy), and Gerben Bielderman (Pauw). The collaboration of guitarists and songwriters Oeds and Wout traces back to their shared history in Death Alley and Shaking Godspeed, united by a passion for challenging the norms of heavy rock music.

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05 feb

Date: februari 05, 2024


Rats and Daggers will release their upcoming EP Half Hanged in a very special way!

First they release the TWO-TRACK SINGLE 'Mary' on a 7" squared orange FLEXI DISC, LIMITED to 250 copies. 


YOU CAN ORDER THE FLEXI DISC as BUNDLE w/ the upcoming EP  'Half Hanged' that comes with two special INSERTS!

On the EP we hear a new diversity in musical genre in their songs. In the single 'Mary' we hear the sludge punk of Rats and Daggers as usual with extra theatrics and a larger-scale music structure. However the second single 'Blind' goes in a different direction and mixes post-punk with electronic sounds.

The Flexi disc is expected to be shipped at beginning of April. The Ep or bundle mid of april.

15 jan

Date: januari 15, 2024

Electrifying News!

Lay Bare Recordings is thrilled to unveil something extraordinary!

We’re ecstatic to announce the collaboration between Amsterdam’s “masters of strange and ethereal psychedelia” (Distorded Sound), Iron Jinn (Stickman Records) and Lay Bare Recordings. This collaborative endeavor is centered around a double album that captures the essence of Iron Jinn’s memorable Roadburn concert in 2023 with phenomenal live recordings. 

Together with master producer Pieter ‘Pidah’ Kloos (The Void studio) we’ve crafted a sensational live album that promises to be a musical journey like no other. A special shout out to Stickman Records for giving Lay Bare Recordings the opportunity to release this live album.


Relive the magic and immerse yourself in the unforgettable experience. 

Await this gripping odyssey! 


#MusicCollaboration #NewAlbum #ComingSoon #IronJinn #roadburn #liveatroadburn #doublealbum #laybarerecordings #stickmanrecords



20 nov

Date: november 20, 2023

Italy's kariti signs to Lay Bare Recordings to release new album Dheghom. It'll be out in February 2nd, 2024. 

Hearing the voice of ekaterina from карити (kariti) made an instant connection with my heart and my skin. It was hard not to engage with her captivating blend of powerful vocals, engaging melodies, and evocative poems. kariti’s mix of intimate, atmosferic mournful ‘ambient folk songs with crisp sounding instruments and eerie harmonies creates a unique and emotional experience.

The impact of kariti’s voice is evident, draws you as a listener into it and makes it easy to connect with the depth of her music and words. kariti's resonant vocal tone adds a distinctive and profound quality to her music. It's fascinating how a singer's voice can shape the emotional experience of a song.

Lay Bare Recordings is beyond thrilled to welcome kariti to the label and to collaborate on releasing her upcoming album Dheghom on 2.2.24. Incredibly exciting to walk the path of this rich and diverse musical experience together.

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