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20 jul

Date: juli 20, 2020



‘NUGRYBAUTI’ is recorded in two days in February 2019 by Sebastiaan van Bijlevelt at Galloway Recording Studio. Every song on ‘NUGRYBAUTI’ is completely improvised. The record is a new step forward in experimentation and dynamics for ATLANTA. It’s an album that isn’t about soloing, but about creating an atmosphere and composing real songs on the spot. Guitarist Pieter Holkenborg: “Instead of a musical experience it’s more like a psychological game, or fight, between the brain and heart and the brains and hearts of the other two guys. When all three of us get on the same wavelength it can get really intense. It’s a weird combination of melancholy and sheer joy that strikes me on those moments.” In January 2020 the band proudly signed to Lay Bare Recordings (Yawning Man/Orange Sunshine/Pyramidal) for the release of ‘NUGRYBAUTI’ on 250 coloured LP’s in the summer of 2020.


NUGRYBAUTI (Lithuanian): to become distracted during a task, literally to get lost wandering in search of mushrooms.

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19 jul

Date: juli 19, 2020

BISMUT - RETROCAUSALITY -The instrumental psych jam band Bismut comes with a massive 2LP in september 2020!

BISMUT - RETROCAUSALITY -The instrumental psych jam band Bismut from The Netherlands comes with a massive 2LP album and is a dignified successor of their SOLD OUT debut album SCHWERPUNKT!

This heavy weight will be a great addition to Bismut’s & Lay Bare Recordings catalogue.

No matter what upcoming releases you got on your radar, this one should be on!

We’ll come up with an exact date when to expect you can add -Retrocausality- from Bismut on 2LP to your collection.

72 minutes of musical compositions that get you out of orbit and forget about time!

#psychedelic #instrumental #riffing #drawnoutgrooving

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