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Onhou was founded in 2016 and consists of previous and current members of Ravenwiek, Grinding Halt and Ortega. Rooted in Groningen, Onhou embodies their northern heritage by mixing desolate sludgy Doom riffs with miserable Post-metal atmospheres, embracing the sinister history of the soil that made them. After releasing their first EP Onhou in 2018 on Tartarus Records and their first full length Endling on Lay Bare Recordings and Tartarus Records in 2019, Onhou established themselves as one of the heaviest bands in the northern Dutch territories. The band will release their new album Monument in 2022.


Bolstering their hypnotising riffs, condemning synths and battering drums, Onhou’s sophomore release Monument sees the band building from the wreckage left in the wake of their debut album Endling. Whereas the band intended for their debut to be uncomfortable, Monument
drags you ever deeper into dark, withering worlds where time is gruesome and unforgiving, and the echoes of what once was have long since been lost and forgotten.

Guest vocals by Frank de Boer of Farer (
Video shot by Henk Wobbes, edited by Alex Loots.


This release is again a collaborative effort between Lay Bare Recordings and Tartarus Records.

200cps divided in: 

50x grey/ silver as Bandcamp exclusive

75x  glass Lay Bare Recordings exclusive

75x white Tartarus Records exclusive


  • Please note: This is a pre-order item. The vinyl was scheduled for shipment at Feb 23rd. However due to a delay at the pressing plant we need to postpone this  upcoming album. But Test pressings are in production. ETA is mid/end of March for the vinyl album.

    Digital album releases December 9, 2022

    Vinyl item ships out mid/ end of March 2023.



  1. When on High

  2. Null

  3. Below

  4. Ruins

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