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Skin & Sorrow


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Skin & Sorrow




We've collected all three of Frayle’s releases with Lay Bare into a special 3LP Bundle. 

- White Witch

- 1692

- Skin & Sorrow


"Skin & Sorrow" Repress version: aside/bside - grimace purple / sea blue heavy weight 12" (180g) in a gatefold pocket

This repress version is be released  by Lay Bare Recordings in collaboration w/ Aqualamb Records (US)

500cps available via laybarerecordings EU

500cps available via aqualamb USA

For USA versions go to:


The latest release from Cleveland’s ritual metal duo Frayle, “Skin and Sorrow” plays like a demonic insurrection; exhuming anger and sadness and channeling the energy of dead pasts through imposing guitar crunch and soul-stirring vocals.


Frayle is Gwyn Strang and Sean Bilovecky (formerly of Disengage), together who form an artistic nest of reprieve for when so many unwanted layers have been sloughed off, we are raw and worn. Yet we don’t want a cure. We want to feel the burn and freeze of reality against our skin, against our beings. From this place of embodying our senses, of tearing away the mask that covers our sacred vulnerabilities, we are able to actually begin to understand our experience and nurture it, forming a cocoon from which we can emerge indestructible.


Gwyn’s whispering embodiment of Lilith, the archetype of sacred female knowledge exiled time and time again, with reflective and expressive lyrics throughout the album is an opportunity to connect with the deepest and most enigmatic parts of our subconscious, the collective therein, where are all beings are just trying to get through.

The album is devastating. It’s full of heartbreak and pain. While Gwyn’s otherworldly vocals slightly ease the sting and curiously court the demon that is emerging, the themes of loss and grief grab the listener’s heart with a full force like a hand emerging from a freshly dug grave, grasping to whatever life might be there. 

There’s a sensuality here, like pomegranates in the Underworld, where there is always a trickle of light from the garden above.


“Skin & Sorrow” is Frayle’s 2nd full-length album and it indeed feels like something very big is coming into being. This album is certain to make them a well-known name on the doom circuit. Fortunately the garden that they are creating from is so ripe with composted selves and outgrown ways of being that we can just expect more and more, deeper and more aligned, from this thrilling band.

#Doom #Goth #Doommetal #Shoegaze



  1. All The Things I Was

  2. Bright Eyes

  3. Ipecac

  4. Perfect Wound

  5. Roses

  6. Sacrifant

  7. Skin & Sorrow

  8. Song for the Dead

  9. Stars

  10. Treacle & Revenge

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