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The White Witch


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The White Witch




We've collected all three of Frayle’s releases with Lay Bare into a special 3LP Bundle. 

- White Witch

- 1692

- Skin & Sorrow


The White Witch EP 12" (eclipse colored vinyl) 

Frayle's debut EP The White Witch
Limited Edition 12" Eclipse colored vinyl. Full color updated insert. 45 rpm. Released November 1, 2022. For US orders please visit


Doom/Stoner Duo Frayle was formed in Cleveland in 2017 by Sean Bilovecky and Gwyn Strang and made their debut with the EP 'The White Witch' in 2018, released on vinyl by Lay Bare Recordings. The CD version was released by Seeing Red Records in 2018 as well. The White Witch was followed by two full length albums: '1692' and 'Skin & Sorrow.  

Frayle’s “lullabies over chaos” approach to songwriting allows them the freedom to explore what is possible with heavy music. They strive to balance the heaviest of riffs with the approachability of Gwyn’s haunting vocal melodies. Complex layering and tone stacking is a hallmark of their music. Each musical element is thoughtfully composed resulting in a unique combination of midrange-heavy guitars, syncopated rhythms, and unexpected vocal progressions. Gwyn tells stories of heart break, anger, hypocrisy and resolution, asking the audience for empathy, and in turn inspiring vulnerability.

Frayle is best to describe as "Heavy witch Doom, Music For The Night Sky".


The first vinyl release of ''The White Witch' saw the light in july 2018. On frequent request we made a repress limited to 600 coloured copies of "eclipse coloured" vinyl. 

The coloured vinyl comes with full colour inlay (300pcs). Also a repress of the 'White Witch' CD (300pcs) will be available at Lay Bare Recordings, also on Frayle's bandcamp (300cps vinyl, 200cps CD) and available EXCLUSIVE on EU/ UK tour (november 2022).



  1. Let The Darkness In

  2. The White Witch

  3. Wandering Star

  4. Things That makes Us Bleed

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