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Undecided Behaviour


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Undecided Behaviour



SISTER MAY - Progressive Industrial Rock. For Fans of: A Perfect Circle – Puscifer – Nine Inch Nails


Sister May, is a Progressive Industrial 5 piece hailing from Belgium (2017) and features the trademarks of the 80s and 90s industrial scene. Their new album will be released on vinyl by Lay Bare Recordings in September 2023.


Expect a mix of provocative sounds, alternative rhythms, mechanical noise with modern production. Industrial Punk with edgy and real sounds. Something you’ve never heard. Hard to grasp and that’s good. Live on stage Sister May knows how to build up intensity and dare to tangle the listeners minds with noise tinged ambient realms and infectious hook ups. 


The Preproduction of this debut album is from Matt mc Junkins (a Perfect Cirlce, Puscifer) and Filip De Bot (Penthouse Studio).



  1. The Floater

  2. Headshot

  3. Dustdevil

  4. Guts

  5. Borderline

  6. Sworn

  7. The Kneep

  8. Dope

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