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Seconda Morte

Rosy Finch

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Seconda Morte

By Rosy Finch


Seconda Morte is limited to 500pcs and released by 3 three record labels (Lay Bare Recordings, Discos Macarras, and LaRubia Producciones)

250 black vinyl and 250 half/ half (black / milky clear w/ black & grey splatter)

Lay Bare Recordings can offer a limited amount of CD's too (60).


Atmosphere in music is the primordial ooze from which all sound must emerge, the glue that holds everything together whilst highlighting the sounds housed within. Spain’s Rosy Finch use every tool at their disposal to create an atmosphere that builds eerie shadows and ethereal darkness in which they brew a heady mix of sludge and stoner grooves and 90’s era alternative potency, escalated by overdriven guitars and passionate, unearthly vocals.


The trio burst onto the scene in 2013, founded by singer/guitarist Mireia Porto (who also later played with stoner doom phenoms, Hela). Having released two successful full-length albums and an EP, the line-up changed in 2019 during the recording of their barnstormer 2020 album, ‘Scarlet’. Óscar Soler (previously of space-rockers Pyramidal) and Juanjo Ufarte (from psychedelic doom merchants, Grajo) took over on bass and drums respectively, and a new day dawned in the Rosy Finch camp, one filled with heightened aggression and intent.


2022 sees the release of their latest EP, ‘Seconda Morte’, to be released on the 4th of November. The album is a moody, thrilling journey based on the poem ‘The Divine Comedy’ where Dante Alighieri walks through hell, purgatory, and paradise to meet his deceased beloved Beatrix and find faith in God. A collaboration between three record labels (Lay Bare Recordings, Discos Macarras, and LaRubia Producciones), it is an introspective, diverse ride with hooks and ambience to spare. 


“This is our most diverse album and we’ve tried to capture the essence of this excellent piece of literature. The title claims that all souls die twice: the first for dying physically on earth and the second for being separated from God because of their sins. Depending on how they lived, the unfaithful souls experience punishment and torture in Hell until the end of time, the unclean soul’s redemption in Purgatory and the pure soul’s salvation in Paradise.” – Rosy Finch


As the band faces their second decade in 2023, they do so with a rock-solid line-up, a killer live show, a stellar discography to be proud of, and a vision that evolves and just gets better with every release. And with a name that is continuously rising in the sludge, stoner, and doom scenes year after year, they are THE band to watch.


Line Up:

Vocals & Guitar – Mireia Porto

Bass & Vocals – Óscar Soler

Drums – Juanjo Ufarte


For Fans Of: King Woman/ Melvins /Sonic Youth / Babes in Toyland /Alice In Chains/ Julie Christmas




  1. Selva Oscura

  2. Inferno

  3. Purgatorio

  4. Paradiso

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