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Mojo's Heavy Cream

MOJO & the Kitchen Brothers

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Mojo's Heavy Cream

By MOJO & the Kitchen Brothers


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Heavy psychedelic progressive rock outfit Mojo and the Kitchen Brothers is a 5-headed omnium gatherum of young and eclectically inspired music freaks from Belgium that came together in 2021. Sharing their love of late 60’s and early 70’s heavy and progressive rock, as well as for their contemporary psych-rockers, Mojo is continually playing around with their bearings in the sonic whirlpool between past and present. With their sights racing past both sides, they manage to sound both assuringly familiar and arousingly strange.


After the digital release of their EP Flaming Tiger Lizard (2022) followed the vinyl release in 2023 through the Dutch record label Lay Bare Recordings. It is that same continuity and driving force that led the band to their debut full length album titled “Mojo’s Heavy Cream” in 2023 digital and on vinyl. 


This full length album presents an intriguing collection of all-original tracks that both clearly echo some of the band’s major influences, like Black Sabbath, Pink Floyd and Wishbone Ash, and show the band coming together musically and finding their own voice. Indeed “Mojo’s Heavy Cream” displays some degree of maturation in Mojo’s sound and vision, but this maturation is by no means final. The band leaves the door not just open, but blown off its hinges and burned to a crisp in the fires of their insatiable lust for more. Childlike enthusiasm, je m’en fous freedom and freaked out free-association are the cornerstones of Mojo’s creative process, and as such, you can safely expect to hear more from these guys soon, because their next projects are already in the works. 



  1. Everybody Love Everybody

  2. For the Greater Good

  3. I’ve Been a Fool

  4. Cremè Suprême

  5. Shangri-La

  6. Mo’ Mojo

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