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Kintsugi Empire is the alter ego of Pieter Holkenborg (1981), a multi-instrumentalist and songwriter based in Arnhem. He was a former member of adventurous guitar bands Automatic Sam, Shaking Godspeed, and Woost. In addition to Kintsugi Empire, Holkenborg is active in the jamband ATLANTA, the lo-fi punk rock sextet Geishas Of Doom, the experimental guitar duo Tatabánya, and the American improvisation collective Ten East, led by Yawning Man guitarist Gary Arce.


SoN - Sound of Niche concept:

The Concept of Sound of Niche is the brainchild of Sebastiaan van Bijlevelt of Galloway Studio and Désirée Hanssen of the Dutch boutique Record Label Lay Bare Recordings. 

Sound of Niche (SoN) is based on a unique collaboration platform, which offers different artists from different creative fields the opportunity to collaborate and present their work. It is a promising initiative that promotes collaboration and expands the reach of artists to a broader audience.

Together with multi-instrumentalist and the driving force behind Kintsugi Empire, Pieter Holkenborg, the Dutch film & photographer Maaike Ronhaar and graphic designer and visual artist Jop Luberti, we have created a vinyl record that is enriched with authentic Obi design and striking analogue photos that refer to each song.


The album ‘Shun’ is recorded and produced by Sebastiaan van Bijlevelt Galloway Studio /Sound of Niche, mastering is done by Pieter Kloos, and will be released by Désirée Hanssen from Sound of Niche/ Lay Bare Recordings. Désirée enlisted photographer Maaike Ronhaar who created and curated specific work for each individual track, enhancing the atmosphere and theme of the album. The striking album artwork is created by Jop Luberti. 


This Sound of Niche release is LIMITED to 100 hand-numbered copies of heavy weight black vinyl. 

The record comes with:

- A riso print Obi strip designed by graphic designer and visual artist Jop Luberti 

- An 8pages lyric booklet with analogue photos from Maaike Ronhaar.


VERY LIMITED EDITION w/ Obi, Booklet and Photo 

- To a very limited records, 30 to be precise, Maaike added one of her pictures on photographic paper.

This makes this record a collector's item and an exclusive, unique work of art. 


Majestic Scene, The Wipers, Neil Young & Crazy Horse, Mauro Pawlowski, Jimi Hendrix Experience, Yo La Tengo, Sparklehorse.


All music and lyrics by Pieter Holkenborg. 'Charlatans' by Patrick Tilon and Pieter Holkenborg. Recording and mixing by Sebastiaan van Bijlevelt (e.g., Iron Jinn/Temple Fang/Okieson) at Galloway Recording Studio, Nijmegen.
Production by Sebastiaan van Bijlevelt and Pieter Holkenborg.
Mastering by Pieter Kloos (Majestic Scene/Motorpsycho/Ween) at The Void Studio, Eindhoven. 


Live performances feature Holkenborg supported by Daan Wopereis (Temple Fang/Geishas Of Doom) on drums and Sebas van Olst (ATLANTA/Typhoon) on bass guitar.

This release will be shipped around April 30th.

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  1. The Preacher

  2. Into Nothing

  3. Note To Self

  4. Charlatans

  5. Underwater Rodeo

  6. Ghost Of A Ghost

  7. Memories Of A Guardian Hitchhiker

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