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Flaming Tiger Lizard

MOJO & the Kitchen Brothers

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Flaming Tiger Lizard

By MOJO & the Kitchen Brothers


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- A blend of late 60s, early 70s heavy psych and prog rock

Heavy psychedelic progressive rock outfit Mojo and the Kitchen Brothers is a 5-headed omnium gatherum of young and eclectically inspired music freaks from Belgium that came together in 2021. Sharing their love of late 60’s and early 70’s heavy and progressive rock, as well as for their contemporary psych-rockers, Mojo is continually playing around with their bearings in the sonic whirlpool between past and present. With their sights racing past both sides, they manage to sound both assuringly familiar and arousingly strange.


Their first EP “Flaming Tiger Lizard” (2022) was released digitally only one year after the band’s formation and already undeniably put the band’s creativity and open hivemind on display. The titular track of the EP seamlessly fuses 4 different parts, taking the listener from a groovy, bass-heavy and very catchy openingtrack, to some funky desert blues, through a proggy and psychedelic jazz-rock interlude, to then arrive at the final stage where it morphs into a sweet stoner jam. Another characteristic to be noted is the dream-like continuity and psyched-out driving force that propels the titular 15-minute piece through its multicoloured journey. Now in 2023 the EP is released on vinyl by the Dutch record label Lay Bare Recordings.



  1. Flaming Tiger Lizard

  2. Shangri-La

  3. The Work is Done

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