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By Pyramidal


This album contains five new songs filled with the band's blend of Hawkwindish Sabbath Floydian ancestral Space Rock.

There are a few seconds of silence before the opening track of Pyramidal‘s self-titled third album, “Visions of an Astral Journey,” begins and the choice to leave them there tells you much of what you need to know about the level of detail and meticulousness the Alicante, Spain, progressive heavy psychedelic rockers have put into the record as a whole. Pyramidal‘s Pyramidal, released by Lay Bare Recordingsand Surnia Records as the follow-up to 2013’s Frozen Galaxies and their 2011 debut, Dawn in Space would seem to have been a while in the making were it not for the steady stream of short releases between. Still, as they arrive at the decade-mark since they first got together, the five songs/46 minutes they present with Pyramidal feels all the more like an event for the fact that it’s been six years since the last LP. 

Beautiful cover artwork by: Mara B. Stones



  1. 1.- Visions of An Astral Journey

  2. 2.- Creatures of the Ancient World

  3. 3.- Unconscious Oscillations

  4. 4.- Digital Madness

  5. 5.- Alussa Infinity

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