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Bismut is a Progressive Heavy Psych trio hailing from Nijmegen, the Netherlands.
Formed in 2016, Bismut has an established and explosive live reputation. Bismut arose from intense, experimental jam sessions in the caverns of the Nijmegen underground. Infinite jamming led to an oasis of psychedelic excesses, vicious riffing and heavily drawn-out grooves. Nik (guitar), Peter (drums) and Huibert (bass) have already played many solid shows in the Netherlands and abroad. Their live performances are immersive stories with glorious landscapes and unexpected plot lines. After Buntovnost, a single released in february 2018, they released their first full-length Schwerpunkt in the fall of that year. “Schwerpunkt” was very well received and led to audiences and critics worldwide asking for more. Bismut played many shows in Europe as a build up to their second full length release “Retrocausality”.


“Retrocausality” is Bismut’s second full-length featuring 6 songs. All tracks were recorded in studio 888 and mixed and mastered by Pieter Kloos. You’ll listen to an honest musical encounter of three people playing, grooving and flowing to become one intuitive audio space vessel. Seventy-two minutes of musical compositions to get you out into orbit and forget about time.


“Retrocausality” is released by Lay Bare Recordings on Heavy Weight Galaxy -Transparent Purple Vinyl in a Gatefold 2LP Edition and by Bismut digitally and on CD.


The preorder included an option with a special and limited edition Retrocausality shirt. Now the album has been released, the shirt is only available on Bismut's Bandcamp page.



  1. Oscuramento

  2. Non- Lokaliteit

  3. Predvídanie

  4. Varasaga

  5. Vergangenheit // Antithesis

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