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Piscinas Verticales


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Piscinas Verticales



LOMA BAJA is an experimental band formed by Víctor Teixeira (Giganto, Another Kind Of Dead) on guitars; Pacomoto (G.A.S. Drummers) on bass, keys and vocals; Jorge García (Adrift, El Páramo) on synths, samplers, guitars and vocals; and Raúl Lorenzo (Sou Edipo) on drums. They started playing together with the idea of doing something completely different from previous projects. ‘Piscinas Verticales’ is the name of their debut album and it’s sound reflects noted influences like Beak, Portishead, Fugazi, True Widow and Liars. The band successfully mixes post punk, krautrock, exotica, and post-rock to create a spontaneous and surreal sound that serves as a backdrop to a nightmarish soundtrack. 


The album will be released on May 26 2023 by a collab between Spinda Records (SP), Lay Bare Recordings (NL), Clostridium Records (GE) and Echodelick Records (US). 


#psychrock #krautrock #postrock #postpunk #psychedelic #dronerock #stonerrock



  1. V70

  2. La Emboscada

  3. Canción de Manuel

  4. Crónica Negra

  5. Invocación

  6. Boda Final / Velorio

  7. Hierros Viejos

  8. AAAAA

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