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As follow up of the album High Protein (2020) RRRAGS comes up with a new album.


After the success of High Protein RRRAGS took the time to follow up on their inner thoughts and sentiments hence they steered into a more dark psych direction. They took the time to experiment with just about all of their personal influences, resulting in a pretty versatile double album called Mundi. What stands out most about this album is the diversity of influences: Wiped is pure fuzzed-up Hendrix; Heart Of The Hive is uptempo garage rock and turns into stoner/doom; Light Up The Room is Stooges on downers; Slavic Heat is Celtic Frost in space; Final Word is lush psych pop in the Ty Segall vein; Walkers and It Feeds each have a motorik/space instrumental section that runs somewhere between Neu! and Hawkwind; Ararat and Galactic Strut are pure stoner/space jams.


Mundi is heavier and spacier than RRRAGS previous work, while still familiar influences can be heard.

‘Heavy Psych Rock’ for fans of King Gizz & Ty Segall

LIMITED TO 250x heavy weight black vinyl in GATEFOLD



  1. Walkers

  2. Slavic Heat

  3. Heart of the hive

  4. Final word

  5. Wiped

  6. Visitors

  7. Moon

  8. Sparrows

  9. Galactic strut

  10. Ararat

  11. Feeds

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