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WOUND, the highly-anticipated sophomore full-length album from Ghorot, is slated to be released in October 2023 on Lay Bare Recordings (Netherlands) and King of the Monsters (USA). The album is a brutal step further into the nightmarish realm of Ghorot, recorded, mixed, and mastered by legendary engineer and drummer Andy Patterson (Subrosa, Ascend, The Otolith).


Over the past 3 years, Ghorot has shared the stage with world-class bands including YOB, Monolord, Exhumed, Khemmis, Witch Mountain, Eagle Twin, and many more. With 2 headlining Western US tours in 2021 and 2022, and multiple festival appearances at Treefort Music Fest (’21-’22) and Crucial Fest (’21-’22).

Ghorot are ready to set out on a path of destruction to crush skulls across the globe with their arsenal of sludged out, blackened, and defiled Ghorot n' Roll blasphemies!!


BE AWARE: This is a LIMITED release of 300cps Heavy weight vinyl w/ Insert (EU/ US) divided in 3 different editions;

Black (100) | Galaxy black gold (100) | Gold w/ Black Splatter (100)


For Fans Of: Dark Throne / Thou / Mizmor / Conan / Hell



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