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The Last Black Flower


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The Last Black Flower



'The Last Black Flower' is the 2nd full length from SOOTHSAYER ORCHESTRA

Expect an album with a dark side character that is pulling from classic electronic sounds up to ruff bleak blues and beyond.

Soothsayer Orchestra is Pieter Hendriks - former bandmember of Reaching Forward, Born From Pain en Black Bottle Riot -. Pieter is a musical solitudinarian who has enough gumption to leave the commonplace behind and only take with him what can enrich his music and performance. In this album Pieter Hendriks finds himself clearly in the realm of pouring music into different vessels depending on how he was feeling.


Soothsayer Orchestra released it's s/t debut album in February 2021, now two years later Soothsayer Orchestra will unfold it's new album via Lay Bare Recordings on February 4th 2023. 

'The Last Black Flower' is Limited to 250pcs

-180gr. heavy weight vinyl

- Full-color gatefold

-125pcs black 

-125pcs oxblood red 

Soothsayer Orchestra is best to file under: Apocalyptic Blues w/ dark electronic influences

For fans of: Nick Cave, Wovenhand en Mark Lanegan.



  1. Celestial Virtues

  2. Bonediggers Blues

  3. Galaxy Gazing for Supernovas

  4. Kissed by a Tyrant

  5. The Gleaming of Beryl

  6. Black Dust

  7. Everlasting Wings

  8. Destroy Humanity

  9. The Shadow

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